Clicker Heroes 2 Wiki

The Wood Pants are a purchasable upgrade in Clicker Heroes 2.


Cost (In Gold)

Damage Increase at Player Level 1

Additional Effect

4.367e5 2.070e4 +25 Total Energy
4.367e5 1.911e4 +2% Critical Chance
4.367e5 1.593e4 +50% Clickable Gold
4.367e5 1.035e4 +1% Treasure Chest Chance
4.367e5 1.035e4 +5% Mana Regeneration
4.367e5 1.035e4 +5% Haste

Leveling Up[]

Note: The damage gained per level is not dependent on the level of the upgrade, but instead scales with the level of the player.

Level Cost (In Gold)
2 4.367e5
3 5.066e5
4 5.877e5
5 6.817e5
6 7.908e5