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Skills are abilities that can be activated to temporarily make game progress in Clicker Heroes 2 easier or quicker. They come with a cost (either Energy or Mana), and an individual cooldown period upon use. Additionally, after each skill activation, the player has to wait one second before a next skill can be activated. The skill cooldown period can be lowered by increasing your Haste, giving a



That period of time can be shortened to 1s before you buy the 'Limitless Haste' node in the Skill Tree. After you bought that skill, your global cooldown time can decrease limitlessly.

Active Skills[]

Icon Name Basic Function Cost Base Cooldown Notes
Big Clicks Causes your next 6 clicks to deal 300% damage. 4 Energy 8s
Clickstorm Consumes 1.25 energy per second to click 2.5 times per second, until you run out of energy. Speed increases every minute. 1.25 Energy per second 600s
Energize Restores 2 energy per second for 60 seconds. 25 Mana 60s
Powersurge Causes your clicks within 60 seconds to deal 200.00% damage. 50 Mana 900s
Huge Click Causes your next click to deal 1000% damage. 3 Energy 8s
Mana Crit Clicks with a 100% chance to score a critical hit. 5 Mana 60s
MultiClick Clicks 5 times. 3 Energy 0s
Reload Restores energy and mana and reduces the remaining cooldown of all skills by 40%. None 1800s The restoration ignores the limitations of the maximum Energy and Mana, meaning upon using Reload your current Energy or Mana can surpass its respective total.

Skill Tree[]

Go here for the list of everything obtainable.


  • A preview video was released in February 2018, half a year before the game's beta version launched. In this video, a number of skills were shown to behave differently than they did at the game's release.
    • Big Clicks used to make it so your next 5 clicks deal 500% damage at the cost of only 3 energy.
    • Energize used to restore 4 energy per second for 30 seconds, with a 30 seconds cooldown period.
    • MultiClick used to be called NineClick. At the time, it did 9 clicks for 6 energy and probably wasn't upgradeable in the Skill Tree.
    • Huge Click was the only skill shown whose cost effect was still the same during the beta release.
    • In addition, all skill icons had been replaced by different ones in the beta release.
  • Prior to patch 0.06, which introduced some balance upgrades, a few skills behaved differently.
    • Clickstorm used to stay at the same speed no matter how long it had been running.
    • The dash reduction of MultiClick was introduced in this patch, as an intent to nerf builds that would infinitely rerun old worlds with a few MultiClicks for massive experience.
    • Reload used to restore everything by just 10% instead of 40%.