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The Ruby Shop is where the player can spend their Rubies in order to make progressing in the game easier. At any moment, the shop has a small chance of appearing with a random selection of 3 items and staying for 5 minutes, after which it will disappear again.

Available Items[]

Below is the total list of all possible items, though the shop will only give you a choice between 3 available items. The selection resets every time the shop reappears.

Note: The information is not accurate yet.

Available Shop Items
Name Description Cost (In Rubies) Notes
Column 1
Automator Point Gives you 1 automator point. 100
Metal Detector Increases your gold gained by +50% for 20 minutes / 5 zones. 15
Power Rune Increase your damage by +100% for the rest of the world. 100
Speed Rune Increase your haste by +10% for the rest of the world. 35
Bag of Gold Gain x Gold. 1 'x' denotes a variable amount, depending on how far the player is in the current world.
Magical Brew Gain +10 Mana. 2