Clicker Heroes 2 Wiki

The Ruby Shop is where the player can spend their Rubies in order to make progressing in the game easier. At any moment, the shop has a small chance of appearing with a random selection of 3 items and staying for 5 minutes, after which it will disappear again.

Available Items[]

Below is the total list of all possible items, though the shop will only give you a choice between 3 random ones. The selection resets every time the shop reappears.

Name Description Cost (In Rubies) Notes
Ancient Shard Multiply your damage by x2 until the next time you Gild. 50 The Ancient Shard can be bought once a day, and will be available in the shop again after 23.5 hours of in-game time.
Bag of Gold Gain x Gold. 1 'x' denotes a variable amount, depending on how far the player is in the current world.
Luck Rune Increases your critical chance by +5% for the rest of the world. 20
Magical Brew Gain +10 Mana. 2
Metal Detector Increases your gold gained by +200% for 20m/5 zones. 15
Power Rune Increase your damage by +100% for the rest of the world. 100
Speed Rune Increases your haste by +10% for the rest of the world. 35