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The Patch History is a list of all different versions (or "patches") Clicker Heroes 2 has gone through, starting at the release of the exlusive Beta on July 16th 2018.

List of Patches[]

Patch Date released Notes
0.07 (8) beta PTR 17-08-18
  • There was a bug in the last patch (0.07 (7)) that caused a lot of players to be various incorrect levels after gilding, so leveling immediately after gilding (for those players) could have been upwards of 2 or 3 times as difficult as it should have been. We're fixing this bug first before considering any other feedback because it's too difficult to tell how much of an impact this had on your feeling of progress immediately after gilding.
  • Your first few runs after gilding should be very easy.
  • After 0.07 (8) If you can load your backed up save and gild again you should have the correct damage bonus.
0.07 (7) beta PTR* 16-08-18
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if the player had more than a certain number of MultiClicks and MultiClicks had been automated1

(*This hotfix was launched shortly after the original patch so it didn't get numbered.)

0.07 (7) beta PTR 16-08-18
  • Fixed issue where sounds would not play correctly
  • Gilding now comes from "Gilded Worlds" instead of every 200 levels. The first "Gilded World" is world 15, and there is another one every 15 worlds after that. Beating a gilded world causes you to consume all of the XP from every previous world up to and including the Gilded world, resets your skill tree, and gives you a huge damage boost. If you already beat these worlds, gilding will not happen, so we recommend testing this version from a save that is at world 14 or lower. Otherwise your save may be in a weird state until you get to a gilded world, after which you should be experiencing the game correctly.
  • Fast economy and Fast monster growth worlds are now easier.
  • Added Skill Tree search functionality2 (This was mentioned in the tentative patch notes, released about half an hour before the update went live. It was removed in the official patch notes)
  • The bonus world XP that you get for completing your highest world is now given to you in each of the first 5 runs of each world. This effect stacks on top of itself if you happen to beat world N+1 after only completing world N less than 5 times.
  • Reduced monster XP values, and reduced the rate at which XP diminishes per run.
  • Various bug fixes
0.07 (6) beta PTR 13-08-18
  • 0.07 (5) was missing a couple of these things. 0.07 (6) made it so that we actually have these things. Same patch.
0.07 (5) beta PTR* 13-08-18
  • Huge Click Discount now scales more slowly with Huge Click Damage
  • Many performance improvements
  • Fixed Mana regeneration display numbers
  • Fixed Curse of the Juggernaut from breaking costs of skills
  • "Press Spacebar to unpause" no longer appears dozens of times for no reason
  • Tooltip descriptions display proper haste changes
  • Fixed Error 2109 with Unlimited Big Clicks
  • Fixed Automator Stone "Big Clicks More than 100" from causing a crash

(*The developers apparently miscounted.)

0.07 (5) beta PTR 11-08-18 -
0.07 (4) beta PTR 10-08-18 -
0.07 (3) beta PTR 07-08-18
  • Includes a few hotfixes3
0.07 (2) beta PTR 06-08-18
  • Fixed a bug where players would lose their automator speed upon gilding4
0.07 (1) beta PTR 06-08-18
  • "Gilding" is now available once you reach level 200. Gilding resets your skill tree, but you keep your Automator upgrades (including stones and gems) and you get a huge damage boost. You don't start the game back at World 1. Instead, you continue going forward in worlds from where you were before gilding.
  • The Automator's UI now handles multiple stones and gems of each type.
  • Haste now increases the tick rate of buffs (if applicable) and reduces their duration. This applies to all buffs except for Killing Frenzy, Gift of Chronos, and Huge Click Discount.
  • Raised the duration of Killing Frenzy to 10 seconds. (This was mentioned in the patch notes but Asminthe confirmed that Killing Frenzy still lasts only 5 seconds5. This patch note was later removed)
  • Item tooltips now display your stat changes.
  • Added an option in the settings menu for a larger mouse pointer.
  • Added character import and export functionality to the main menu.
  • Critical hit damage numbers have been visually upgraded.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Current issues:

  • There's currently a bug that makes you miss out on a skill point at 201. We'll hotfix it, but for now skill points at 202 and up will work fine.
0.06 beta 31-07-18
  • Jerator's Enchantment can now only occur once a second.
0.06 (2) beta PTR 27-07-18
  • Fixed a crash or two
  • Corrected buffs stacking improperly
  • Stopped AutoAttackStorm from speeding up over time like the others
  • Fixed Gift of Chronos' re-application calculation
  • Made untimed buffs tick properly again6
0.06 beta PTR 27-07-18 MAJOR CHANGES:
  • Added the ability to automatically rerun the current world, attempt the next world, or attempt the highest world after completing a world. This feature is accessible through the Automator panel and is unlocked after completing World 3.
  • Completing a world for the first time now also completes a run of every previous world. Upon completion, this awards experience as though every previous world had been run and reduces subsequent experience rewards for all worlds accordingly.
  • Many new automator stones and gems are now available.


  • Dashing during a multiclick now reduces remaining multiclicks by 20%.
  • Critical Powersurge now increases crit chance by 1% every second without first decreasing crit chance by 100%.
  • Killing Frenzy no longer loses haste every second, now simply lasts five seconds.
  • Clickstorm and variants (except Clicktorrent) now get increasingly faster the longer they have been going.
  • Reload's base effect increased to 40% from 10%.
  • Improved Reload is now a linear 20% increase instead of a multiplicative 10%.
  • Quick Reload now reduces Reload's effect and cooldown by 80% instead of 90%.
  • Reduced cooldowns on Click and Upgrade Cheapest Item automator gems.
  • Reduced experience requirement of all levels by 800.
  • Decreased Bonus Gold Chance by half.


  • Fixed a bug where buffs could gain extra ticks at the end of their duration if they ticked faster than once per frame.
  • Fixed a bug that caused hero to run in place for all eternity if no monster could be found.
  • Fixed the most common "Error #1000" crash.
  • Ring upgrades in the skill tree now apply correctly to rings.
  • Clickable chance now does something.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing later automator stones to take longer to activate than earlier ones.
  • Ruby purchase "Bag of Gold" now gives a minimum of 1 gold.
  • Fixed inconsistent naming between slots and keybindings for leveling that slot. Some players may need to rebind their hotkeys.
  • Increased Bonus Gold to give 10x gold instead of 5x to match the icon.


  • Packaged CH2Library.swc with the game, so that modders have a much easier time modding.
  • Added a toggle to the items panel to buy x1 and x10.
  • Added an item comparison tooltip to the item catalog.
  • Improved main menu usability.
  • Various changes to text descriptions in the skill tree, for clarification and consistency.
  • Added more appropriate tooltips to various places in the game.
0.051 beta/0.052 beta 20-07-18
  • Crash fixes7
0.05 beta 20-07-18 Mostly fixes and corrections for skills and buffs:
  • Corrected the Improved Powersurge damage multiplier.
  • Fixed Critical Killing Surge, Mana Crit Overflow and Bhaal's Rise failing to activate.
  • AutoAttackStorm no longer replaces Clickstorm, it is added as a separate skill.
  • Reapplying the Gift of Chronos buff now spreads the remaining value of your previous Gift of Chronos over the new 5 second duration.
  • Told the game that Managize exists so it can actually give it to you.
  • On Zone 1, Reload Rampage will no longer believe you started the zone with the amount of gold you had at the end of the previous world.
  • Huge Click Discount no longer scales with your current Item Cost Reduction.
  • Reworded Small Clicks description to (hopefully) no longer imply that it's a separate skill from Big Clicks.
  • Fixed Expandable Small Clicks.
  • Killing Frenzy can now overwrite itself when you a kill another monster.
  • Discharge now activates the effects of any buffs you have that activate on attacks.
  • Multiple buffs trying to fall off or get overwritten in the same frame will no longer cause some of them to persist (Looking at you, Huge Click Discount).
  • Minor text clarifications and changes.
0.04 beta 17-07-18
  • Restraint can no longer increase the cost of item purchases and upgrades.
  • Fixed a couple empty skill tree nodes.
  • Stability improvements.
0.03 beta 16-07-18 (Not official)
  • Beta release for everyone who (pre-)ordered the game
  • Saves made in this version are not compatible with future versions
??? 12-06-18 (Not official)
  • Exclusive beta release for a small group of people
  • The 0.03 version showed a news message about this in the options menu, but this was later removed


Index Source
1 0.07 (7) hotfix.png
2 0.07 (7) removed patch note.png
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4 0.07(2) fixes automator speed.png
5 Killing frenzy still 5 seconds in 0.07.png
6 0.06 (2) fixes.png
7 0.051 and 0.052 fixes.png

All unreferenced patch notes have been taken from the official Reddit.