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Monsters are creatures in Clicker Heroes 2 that can be fought for many resources, such as Gold, Rubies, XP and Forge Cores.

List of Monsters


Minibosses have a few times more HP than regular Monsters and is found as a closure to every Zone. Minibosses of Timed Zones can also grant Rubies, and multiple times more XP than regular Monsters.


Bosses are timed monsters with far greater HP than the common Miniboss, the finale of each World Section (separated into four groups of 25 Zones). They are to be killed in that timeframe, or otherwise the fight will reset. If the fight ends, regardless of win or loss, you gain Gold proportionate to the damage you have dealt to it (or a kill, whichever is smaller). If a boss is defeated for the first time, it can grant Forge Cores. Bosses also grant a plethora of XP should you defeat them.

World Bosses

World Bosses are found at the final Zone (Zone 100) of any World. The World Boss additionally gives World Crumbs, Pending Hero Souls and even more XP than a Boss.

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