Clicker Heroes 2 Wiki

Mana is a slowly-regenerating secondary resource in Clicker Heroes 2 used to activate certain Skills. The game separates your Mana's properties into the Current Mana and the Total Mana.

  • The Total Mana is the maximum amount of Mana the player can have at once. By default, this is 100.
  • The Current Mana is a number between 0 and and the Total Mana. This number decreases when certain Skills are used. By default, it also passively increases by 5 per minute; this stat is referred to as "Mana Regeneration", displayed as a percentage (%) relative to this base value. Attaining Mana quantities that surpass the Total Mana is only possible through the Mana Pillar Clickable. When this occurs, any increase in Mana is ignored.

Upgrading Total Mana[]

The Total Mana can be upgraded by buying certain Equipment with the "+25 Total Mana" modifier.

Upgrading Mana Regeneration[]

Certain upgrades and Equipment with the "+5% Mana Regeneration" modifier can increase the rate at which Mana regenerates.