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Heroes are the playable characters in Clicker Heroes 2. In the current version, there are only two available heroes, but more heroes might be added in later versions. To play with a different hero or difficulty, go to Create in the Options to create the save. You can also load your saved saves with Load in the Options.

Hero Level[]

Heroes automatically gain experience points when killing monsters. After a sufficient amount of experience, the hero will gain a level, which comes with an increase in damage as well as a gained Skill Point, which provides the option to pick a new available element from the Skill Tree.


Cid, The Helpful Adventurer[]

Cid, the Helpful Adventurer is a rapidly-clicking character wielding a sword in the design of a computer pointer icon. Cid automatically swings her cursor sword at a determined pace improved with Haste to regenerate 1 Energy, and this can be stopped at any time (including other automatic features - the Automator, etc.) by pausing using SPACE. Its damage bonus is determined by Auto Attack Damage. A few Skills are unlocked with one of four branches in the Skill Tree. Clicking occurs by pressing Left Mouse or W, limited by her Energy. Its damage bonus is determined by Click Damage.

Cursor, The Cursed Wizard[]



There are two difficulties that can be chosen for a hero.

  • Casual. An easier, forgiving version of Clicker Heroes 2. It eases progression and reduces strategy. You cannot switch to Difficult mode, and if you switch to Casual from Difficult, a copy of the Difficult save will be created for the player to rollback in case they change their mind.
  • Difficult. The default difficulty for any Clicker Heroes 2 save. You can convert into a Casual save at any time, but you cannot switch back. There are also Achievements that are limited to Difficult saves.