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Equipment is the primary way to increase your effectiveness in slaying monsters in Clicker Heroes 2. They can be purchased in the bottom-left corner of the screen using Gold, and it will usually increase Damage along with a positive-modifier effect on a separate stat.

Leveling Equipment[]

Equipment can be leveled up with Gold to increase its Damage. The Damage bonus offered per additional level is the same for each level and depends on the type of Equipment and the player's Hero level.

Every 10 levels, there will be an additional compounding multiplier for the individual piece of Equipment. These multipliers are listed below.

Equipment Level Damage Multiplier
10 x8
20 x8
30 x8
40 x8
50 x160
60 x8
70 x8
80 x8
90 x8
100 x640
100+10n x8 (unsure)

List of Possible Modifiers[]

Modifiers can stack with each higher tier of an Equipment piece unlocked. They can also be rerolled with the 4th option of selection past the Wood tier.

Note: These are the base values.

  • +% Boss Gold (Does this exist?)
  • +50% Clickable Gold
  • +12% Monster Gold
  • +10% Gold Received
  • +10% Click Damage
  • +x% Critical Chance (Does this exist?)
  • +20% Critical Damage
  • +x% Gold Piles (Does this exist?)
  • +5% Haste
  • +5% Mana Regeneration
  • +25 Total Energy
  • +25 Total Mana
  • +x% Treasure Chest Chance (Does this exist?)
  • +25% Treasure Chest Gold

List of Equipment[]

The full set of Equipment come with 6 different pieces.

They are (in order):


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Weapon 10
Stone Weapon 5.079e14
Leather Weapon
Iron Weapon 7.766e45
Steel Weapon 5.549e62
Mythril Weapon
Crystal Weapon
Orangescale Weapon


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Helmet 130
Stone Helmet
Leather Helmet 1.845e31
Iron Helmet 2.873e47
Steel Helmet
Mythril Helmet
Crystal Helmet
Orangescale Helmet


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Breastplate 1,819
Stone Breastplate
Leather Breastplate 5.537e32
Iron Breastplate 1.091e49
Steel Breastplate
Mythril Breastplate
Crystal Breastplate
Orangescale Breastplate


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Ring 27,299
Stone Ring
Leather Ring 1.716e34
Iron Ring 4.258e50
Steel Ring
Mythril Ring
Crystal Ring
Orangescale Ring


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Pants 4.367e5
Stone Pants
Leather Pants 5.493e35
Iron Pants 1.703e52
Steel Pants
Mythril Pants
Crystal Pants
Orangescale Pants


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Gloves 7.425e6
Stone Gloves
Leather Gloves 1.812e37
Iron Gloves 6.983e53
Steel Gloves
Mythril Gloves
Crystal Gloves
Orangescale Gloves


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Boots 1.336e8
Stone Boots
Leather Boots 6.163e38
Iron Boots
Steel Boots
Mythril Boots
Crystal Boots
Orangescale Boots


Name Initial Cost (In Gold)
Wood Cape 2.539e9
Stone Cape
Leather Cape 2.157e40
Iron Cape
Steel Cape
Mythril Cape
Crystal Cape
Orangescale Cape