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Bosses in Clicker Heroes 2 are strong monsters that can befought for gold, experience points and rubies, and allow for further progression upon successful defeat.

Zone Bosses[]

CH 2 smallzoneboss.jpg

Zone bosses appear every 5 Zones and are larger Versions of normal monsters. Every 25 Zones, defeating a zone boss will let the player proceed into a new biome.

They are marked by a red summoning circle on the ground and a skull next to their level display.

World Bosses[]

CH 2 worldboss.jpg

World bosses are special monsters which appear at Zone 100 and mark the end of every world. Beating them within the given time limit allows the player to progress to the next world. Bosses' appearance change when below 50% hp.

Name World Type Image
Sidth Serpent Farm
CH 2 worldboss.jpg
Slugapede Jungle City
Eater of Worlds
Turtle Pipeline Frozen Citadel
Ouroboros Desert Road
Matadila Cave Bowels
CH2 boss matadila.jpg
Monolith The Astral Nexus
CH 2 boss monolith.jpg