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The Automator is the place where repetitive actions can be automatised, such as activating a certain skill or buying an item from the catalog. The Automator can be unlocked by buying the Automator upgrade in the Skill Tree at level 6. It comes with a pointer, a few stones and some gems. Additional stones and gems can also be found in the Skill Tree.

Automator Components[]


The Automator has a pointer that will slowly check whether the conditions on the Automator stones have been met, and if they have, it will activate the effects of the corresponding gems. This pointer is represented by a green line, lighting up whenever it's about to activate a gem.


Automator stones describe the condition that has to be met, allowing the respective gem to activate. Note that timed cooldown periods are affected by both Automator Speed and Haste, so it might occur, for example, that a 10s cooldown stone takes less than 10 seconds to activate. This is not a bug.

Condition Effect
10s Cooldown Activates every 10 seconds.
Monster health < 50% Activates when the next Monster's health is less than 50%.
Monster health > 50% Activates when the next Monster's health is greater than 50%.
Mana > 90% Activates when Mana is greater than 90%.
Energy < 10% Activates when Energy is less than 10%.


Automator gems describe the action that the game will do, when the condition from the automator stone has been met.

Icon Name Effect
MultiClick Activates MultiClick on cooldown.
Big Clicks Activates Big Clicks on cooldown.
Energize Activates Energize on cooldown.
Huge Click Activates Huge Click on cooldown.
Upgrade Cheapest Item Buys the cheapest upgrade item you can afford.
Buy Random Catalog Item Buys a random catalog item if you can afford it.
Clickstorm Activates Clickstorm on cooldown.
Perform a Click Performs a click.
Mana Crit Activates Mana Crit on cooldown.
Reload Activates Reload on cooldown.
Powersurge Activates Powersurge on cooldown.

World Completion[]

After completing World 3, a feature will appear at the bottom of the Automator tab that allows you to choose whether the game will (1) do nothing, (2) rerun the current world, (3) attempt the next world or (4) attempt the highest world when the current world is completed.


  • The feature to automatise a game reaction after a world has been completed was added in patch 0.06.
  • The Automator is simulated during offline progress.