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Artifacts are a powerful set of items in Clicker Heroes 2. Just like Equipment, they come in 6 categories, which are the same. You can think of Artifacts as Equipment but in the scope of Worlds over an Ascension or Transcension (check this).

Each Artifact has 3 variables.

  • Stat: This is the player statistic for the Artifact to improve, which is a similar list to Equipment modifiers.
  • Power per Level: The value to linearly increase the Current Multiplier by, for each level.
  • Current Multiplier: This is the magnitude of which the statistic is to be improved - multiplied by. This increases based on the Artifact's level.

Artifacts are to be unlocked one-by-one and upgraded, using Forge Cores. Artifact Level depends on how many times you have upgraded the Artifact, starting at level 1 upon creation.

Artifacts can be equipped and unequipped at any time to optimise their benefits. Additionally, you can destroy Artifacts in exchange for a large sum of Rubies.